The Lost Art of Apprenticeship

The art of the apprenticeship is almost unheard of today. In the ancient world, even up to a century ago, a farmer, a tailor, a blacksmith, even a musician spent time under the tutelage of a master teacher (one who had already achieved and mastered) the things that the apprentice wanted to eventually achieve and master.

When choosing an acting class, a dance school or a voice studio one needs to choose and study with someone who can not only teach you technique and pedagogy but also the student needs to choose someone to study with who has also (to some degree) achieved and succeeded in the very craft for which said student desires to also one day achieve some level of success and mastery.

Why then would you, the potential student/client choose me as your voice instructor/coach? As you peruse over my website and read up on me and my journey over the last 40 + years in show business, you’ll notice the diverse areas that my career has taken me to and how I’ve been able to sustain my voice and continue to work as a professional singer for the last 40 years!

From studio session work to performing on Broadway, from dancing in a major dance company (Jazz Etc – now defunct) to singing with one of the greatest Acapella groups in the world, The Voices of Liberty, from rehearsal conductor of Candlelight Cast Choir, Disney’s Encore and Disney Performing Arts Teaching Artist to Vocal Coach for over 15 years in my private studio in Orlando, my experience, education (B.A. Music, Rollins College), training in piano, acting, dance and voice has uniquely postured me to prepare my students/clients for success!

My former and current clients include Emmy nominated actors, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, National Tours and NYC Broadway performers who have gone on to achieve their own level of success on such shows as The X Factor, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Wicked, Evita, The Addams Family, The Little Mermaid, as well as every major show at Walt Disney World, Universal, Sea World, The Holy Land Experience and Busch Gardens.

It may appear from reading this that I’m tooting my own horn a little. My intention is not for this to sound like I am, but rather to inform you the potential student/client of my qualifications and to share with you exactly what it is that could make my studio the perfect fit for you. This is the part of our business that I sometimes shudder at. Every time I have to tweak my resume, my bio or even the information presented here on my website, I secretly detest having to toot my own horn, as it were. It slightly reminds me of a scene from Fiddler On The Roof where Hodel says to Perchik “The Rabbi who praises himself has a congregation of one!” But alas, part of our business is to learn how to self-promote. We are that tube of toothpaste being advertised, that shiny new car in the car lot. Part of studying at a studio is about studying with someone who understands that.

Learning how to create a professional resume/bio is an important element of our business, building a repertoire and learning audition skill sets are yet another part of that same process of becoming a professional entertainer. Learning how to build your self-confidence is also an important part of your training. In my studio, these are all the things that we will work on together as you experience your own journey toward becoming the artist you’re dreaming to become. I believe that I can help you achieve that dream, together, as we work toward that goal.

Teachers and mentors come and go in our lives from season to season. My father would always tell me, “son, eat the meat and spit out the bones!” In other words, we can learn from many different individuals in our lives, but it’s all in whom we choose to listen and learn from and to engage with that will make all the difference in your career. What we are able to take away from that experience can sometimes catapult us into the next dimension— perhaps the one that propels us forward beyond what we could have imagined!

I combine two (2) vocal techniques, that I’ve learned as a singer, plus what I’ve learned as an actor and dancer, plus my years of experience on the stage and in recording studios to bring you the most comprehensive skill set, build your confidence and prepare you to step into your most exciting of days as you audition and move closer toward your goal of becoming a professional singer!

I would love for you to make an appointment with me for a coaching/lesson today. The appointment forms are on my website. If you cannot join me for private lessons, I would be honored if you would check in to my monthly blog for tips on vocal techniques and ways in which to jump-start your career. Together, let’s discover what endless possibilities lay in store for you!

See you in the studio!