Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new website and my blog page. Every so often I will share thoughts, words of encouragement and advice from my life as well as from my experience and education in the area of voice and vocal production. This will also include audition techniques, i.e., choosing a song, wardrobe and other issues.

Most of you are aware of my background, but for those of you new to my studio and website my story begins really in grade school. I began studying piano at my mother’s piano. She was my first teacher. I also learned violin and accordion and about the same time began training as a figure skater on the Ice!

Through High School and College I continued to study, dance, music, drama and piano until I began working full-time as an entertainer. In a happy accident, I went to an open call for summer stock. I booked the gig, got my Equity card, then moved to NYC, got my first job (at Radio City Music Hall as a New Yorker) in 1 month – and the rest as they say is history!

I went on to do 2 Broadway shows, national tours, regional theatre, dinner theatre, TV commercials, Industrials, workshops, etc… Until I retired and moved to Orlando only to end up back in the business singing with the Voices of Liberty – 12 years now!

Here’s my point: If you feel you have to something to say and offer – then find a way to make that happen.

There’s a great moment in “The Sound of Music” where the Mother Abbess says to Maria; “You must go back and find out; you must live the life you were born to live!” She was telling Maria – go and find out what you’re supposed to do – not what everyone else is telling you, you should do!

Another great moment in Musical Theatre is from “Funny Girl” where Fanny has auditioned for the chorus line of girls. She obviously is NOT a chorus girl and she sticks out. Eddie Ryan (who later becomes her great friend) says to her: “You’re a singer and a comic; why did you try out for the chorus?” Her response is classic and also inspirational; “If you’d needed a juggler, I’d a been a juggler; I just got to get into show business somehow!”

The moral is this: Go find your life! What I didn’t tell you is that I auditioned for Disneyland for the group Kids of the Kingdom in 1979, just before I moved to NYC. I was told I was NOT Disney material. Well, you know the rest.

Go find your life – make it happen…you can do this!